Dr. Bones CPR: Saving Lives. With Heart.

At Dr. Bones CPR, we provide high quality CPR training in a professional, relaxed, and nurturing environment, run by healthcare professionals who are also new moms. We care about the health and safety of your children and all others in your community. Like you, they want to ensure that families and workplaces are happy, healthy and, above all, safe.

With Dr. Bones CPR, you’re in good hands. As healthcare professionals, our instructors have acquired a lot of real life experience. In our classes, you will learn everything you need to know about CPR, using all the latest CPR instruction equipment. We provide high quality CPR training under the Guidelines of the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada.

Dr. Bones CPR offers classes tailor made for your needs, whether you’re a new parent, a healthcare professional, a healthcare student, or a business. You’ll enjoy our flexible delivery of classes too. We host regularly scheduled classes at our facility in St. Albert, but you can make arrangements for us to come to you!

Need a CPR Certificate for the new job you’re starting on Monday? No problem. We can also arrange courses with short notice!

Feeling some stress about learning CPR? Relax. Dr. Bones CPR is a family-run business. We’re not a large, faceless organization. With Dr. Bones CPR, you can rest assured that you will learn in a more hands-on (and less intimidating) environment.

Protect the lives of those you love. Sign up today for your CPR training certification from Dr. Bones CPR.

A Heartwarming Story About How We Got Our Name...

Dr. Bones CPR is named after Brandi’s newest dog, Mr. Bones. It’s quite the story! Brandi’s husband Darrin was attending a friend’s wedding in Phoenix, Arizona when he met a particularly interesting character: the neighbourhood stray dog. None of Darrin’s attempts to find the dog a home worked. When he returned home and told Brandi all about it, she said, “Well, we better bring him here.”

Doing so wasn’t easy. But they found a nice company to arrange the flight.

The idea was to find Mr. Bones a home with some lucky family in St. Albert. Fortunately (for all parties involved), Brandi instantly fell in love with this lovable 60 lb. Sharpei cross.

As Darrin puts it, “We didn’t bother looking for a new home for him.”

What was the point? He was home.

Brandi and Darrin are avid animal lovers. They now have a grand total of five dogs – and they love all of them equally.

Dr. Bones CPR is a division of Landor Investments Ltd.